We were the first company in Poland – and one of the first in the world – to adopt ACES (the Academy Colour Encoding System), thus ensuring that our clients receive both unparalleled service quality and absolute confidence that the products we deliver are created to support emerging technologies such as HDR.

Fixafilm is responsible for over 10% of all ACES-based postproduction WORLDWIDE! 

A few months ago, oscars.org invited us to give an interview about working with ACES.

ACES gave us flexibility and interoperability – Wojtek Janio CEO of Fixafilm says – Adopting the ACES workflow has helped to attract producers, DPs and directors from outside of Poland, set us apart from our competition and created a positive buzz, while not generating any additional costs.

Thanks to ACES, we know we won’t have any problems implementing future formats like HDR and Rec.2020 – he adds. We and our clients are very happy that the movies we’ve done in ACES and 4K will be able to be re-released in UHD, Rec.2020 and HDR in the future. The film industry, us included, needs a common standard not only for production but archiving. It used to be 35mm film and now it’s ACES.”. 

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