Little crushes

Little crushes

Kasia and Asia are living together and running a small business clearing out apartments when the owners move away or die. Peter has recently abandoned his wife and left his job, now he rents a tiny room and works in a warehouse, packing small boxes into large ones. One day they bump into each other and it wouldn’t be a big deal if only Piotr didn’t fall in love with Asia, Kasia wouldn’t be already crazy about her for quite some time and Asia would be able to return any of those feelings. Tensions increase and emotions run high but no one is prepared to make the next move, preferring to play safe instead, rather than risk crushing what they have. Essentially they manage to maintain this delicate balance but it seems inevitable that emotions cannot stay buried forever and eventually something has to give.

Directed by

Ireneusz Grzyb, Aleksandra Gowin


Ita Zbroniec-Zajt


Koi Studio, Munk Studio

Colour correction

Gosia Grzyb CSI, SFC

DI supervisor

Wojtek Janio

Year of production / length

2014 / 80"