We are a tech-savvy team with years of experience.

We offer production support, whether you are after a partner, professional services, or expert advice.

Postproduction begins long before you open the editing-room door.

The more you plan in preproduction, the fewer snap decisions you will have to make under pressure on the set.

So, the more you know about the technology, its capabilities, and the workflow, the more effectively you can manage your production and budget. At Fixafilm, we have the know-how and experience to help you successfully prepare for shooting and make the creators’ vision come true. We provide data security, quality control, and expert support in Poland and abroad.

To date, we have experience of working in Germany, Scandinavia, and the Balkans.

Our production services:

DIT / data wrangling


Nowadays, proper data management and backups are crucial factors when completing an audiovisual production. We offer a full scope of services, including data wrangling and DIT – from setting up digital camera parameters and recording and duplicating footage, to colour correction prior to transcoding, and preparing projects for editing, sound logging and synchronisation.

Our DIT system, Fixonset, is a mobile, self-contained digital laboratory designed to operate both in soundstages and on location, aboard our specially equipped Fixbus. We bring Fixonset directly to the set with all the necessary portable equipment, a generator, and a trained DIT specialist.



Since we are passionate about cinema, we are eager to tackle projects as a partner. We have co-produced feature films such as Baba Vanga by Aleksandra Niemczyk, Little Crushes by Aleksandra Gowin and Ireneusz Grzyb, and Kebab & Horoscope by Grzegorz Jaroszuk, as well as documentaries, e.g., Walking Spark by Marcin Kopeć and Diagnosis by Ewa Podgórska. We are also eligible to apply for the Polish Film Institute’s selective (for minority co-productions) and automatic (30% cash rebate) schemes to support filmmakers.



We participate in camera tests and assist in selecting the right camera equipment and lenses. We keep up to date with state-of-the-art technology and can suggest tried-and-tested solutions, or offer advice in making choices to define the visual form and feel of the planned production. Following camera tests, LUTs are created, ready for use in subsequent stages of production and postproduction.

VFX Advice & supervision


Impressive special effects require thorough planning before production begins, so our experience and skills can be of assistance. Based on the script, we can suggest the best ways to achieve the director’s vision while optimising the production budget. We also offer on-set technical and artistic supervision for VFX shoots.

Equipment & media rental


We rent out digital storage space and various media, monitors, and computers that are indispensable on the film set. RAID 5/6 storage drives, DIT stations, and calibrated displays are also available.