Our priorities are quality and precision.

In postproduction, our watchwords are solid preparation and keeping the process secure and under control.

We are constantly developing our cutting-edge equipment and implementing market-leading solutions.

The in-house top specialists are ready to take on the toughest challenges to bring your creative ideas to life.

We work in the ACES colour space while simultaneously running the entire postproduction process in 4K, applying film-restoration software to come up with solutions to the most perplexing cases. We use the Signiant Media Shuttle via optical fibre, enabling much faster file exchange and access to footage than via FTP, for example. We take security extremely seriously – our offices are protected by multi-level access control and strict procedures, and covered by specialist insurance. When working with directors, film producers, production houses, and advertising agencies, we always strive to deliver top-notch services.

Our postproduction services:



Our editing suites are equipped with Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro 7/X, Adobe Premiere, and EditShare. Efficient workstations with 47” calibrated Dolby monitors allow for rapid, efficient work with creators and clients alike. Each editing workstation at Fixafilm is integrated with colour-correction and special-effects systems to speed up file handling, and our coordinators are always on hand to minimise the risk of errors. This allows us to optimise both the editing and later stages of postproduction to a maximum. We work with numerous respected editors experienced in making feature films, documentaries, TV series, and commercials.

Colour correction


Our services include colour correction for all types of production, from commercials and music videos, through documentaries and shorts, to feature films and TV series. We work with the Digital Vision Nucoda and Davinci Resolve packages, using panels. Fixafilm has 42” Dolby PRM-4200, 31.1” EIZO Prominence CG3145, and 65” Panasonic EZ1000 reference monitors. We are European pioneers in offering full ACES/4K and HDR correction and workflow. Our colourists skilfully strike a balance between the artistic and the technical. Their wide experience also covers working with celluloid.

Finishing and mastering


Our facilities and equipment mean we can work in any colour space (ACES, Rec. 709, P3) and any format (HD, 2K, 4K, 6K, 8K), enabling smooth final integration of all key audiovisual production elements (image, sound, subtitles, audio description). We produce all types of masters: DCP packages, IMF packages, digital master copies, HDCAM and DigiBeta cassettes, disc authoring, and multimedia containers.

Quality control


Our competent team of QC experts follows a set of procedures intended to ensure that the end product meets specific requirements and image-processing standards.



Our VFX team uses their skills, experience, and creativity to deliver tailor-made solutions for your productions. We create visuals with precision and proficiency, pushing the technological boundaries to achieve outstanding results.



We offer archiving services based on an LTO tape library, allowing long-term data storage for backups of footage from the set, as well as final or intermediate copies of the film. We can also offer writing directly onto negative and positive prints using Cinevator and Arrilaser recorders.