The Devil’s Seed

The Devil’s Seed

“The Devil’s Seed”, based on a screenplay by Vytautas Žalakevičius and directed by Algimantas Puipa, is considered one of the most distinguished examples of Lithuanian cinema. The film portrays rural life in early 20th-century Lithuania and featured a cast of renowned Lithuanian talents. The restoration at FIXAFILM was commissioned by the Lithuanian Film Centre.

Directed by

Algimantas Puipa

Written by

Vytautas Zalakevicius

Restoration producer

Andrzej Łucjanek

Restoration supervisor

Łukasz Ceranka

Postproduction coordinator

Mariusz Biskupski

Lead restoration artist

Michał Kucharczyk

Colour correction

Kuba Matras, SKF


Marcin Kielak, Karolina Sokólska


Mateusz Malinowski, Maciej Szewczyk

Year of production