The Ashes

Restoring Andrzej’s Wajda epic masterpiece “The Ashes” (“Popioły”)

The original camera negative of Andrzej’s Wajda 4-hour long masterpiece “The Ashes” (1965) was brutally censored by the communist regime for screening at Cannes Festival in 1966. The movie was re-cut from the original runtime of from 235 minutes to only 169 minutes. The original director’s cut was found on an inter-positive print which was in a pretty bad shape in comparison to the OCN. To retain as much quality as possible Fixafilm team decided to mix and match both sources and saved 150 minutes of the original camera negative footage, using only 85 minutes from the inter-positive print. We are gonna show you how we managed to match the grading, film grain and how meeting the deadline was possible only thanks to ARRIscan’s Wet Gate.

Directed by

Andrzej Wajda

Written by

Aleksander Ścibor-Rylski


Jerzy Lipman

Film rights owner

Studio Filmowe Zebra

Colour correction

Gosia Grzyb, Maciej Sankowski

DI supervisor

Łukasz Ceranka


1965 / 226"