Simple Things

Simple Things

Simple Things, Grzegorz Zariczny’s sophomore film, breaks genre conventions by introducing a fictional character into a documentary story. Director observes the authentic relationship between Błażej, Magda, and their daughter, Ala. To fulfil their dream a young family moves outside the city and renovates the country house by themselves. An unexpected offer of help coming from an uncle (Tomasz Schimscheiner), the brother of Błażej’s recently deceased father, will make the lead character to confront the painful past.


Written and directed by

Grzegorz Zariczny


Weronika Bilska


Before My Eyes

Postproduction Supervisor

Andrzej Łucjanek

Colour correction

Błażej Kitkowski, Oskar Pospolitak

Special effects

Bartłomiej Podbrzeski, Maciej Sankowski

DI Supervisor

Łukasz Ceranka


Mateusz Malinowski

Year of production