Ludi dir. Edson Jean


A debut feature by Edson Jean follows a hardworking Haitian immigrant nurse (Shein Mompremier), whose half-truths lead to a string of mishaps and exacerbate her homesickness. The screenplay, written by Edson Jean and Joshua Jean-Baptiste, was inspired by the experiences of Jean’s mother after she emigrated from Haiti, and was shot entirely in South Florida with a local cast and crew. The film was produced by Bantufy Films and Fixafilm was responsible for the VFX, preparing the credits, and delivering final masters.

Directed by

Edson Jean

Written by

Edson Jean, Joshua Jean-Baptiste


Fabiola Rodriguez, Mark Pulaski


Juan Camilo Barriga

Visual effects

Izabela Pęza, Paweł Chrabąszcz

Visual effects supervisor

Maciej Sankowski

Postproduction producer

Wojtek Janio

Postproduction supervisor

Małgorzata Grzyb

Year of production