An eight episodes drama series for Swedish SVT produced by Nexiko. Malou (Helena Af Sandeberg) happens to stumble across 47 million SEK from a robbery and opens up a bakery to launder the money. Liana (Bianca Kronlöf) is an indebted single mom who was abandoned when her ex got arrested for that same robbery. When Liana unwillingly gets involved in the hunt for money, the two women’s paths cross. Fixafilm was responsible for postproduction and providing DIT services at the set in Sweden.

Directed by

Levan Akin, Måns Månsson, Mattias Johansson Skoglund


Lisa Berggren Eyre, Martin Söder


Joe Maples, Ita Zbroniec-Zajt

DIT Specialist

Maciej Sankowski

DI Producer

Andrzej Łucjanek

Postproduction Coordinator

Mariusz Biskupski

Colour correction

Anna Sujka SKF

VFX Supervisor

Maciej Sankowski


Paweł Chrabąszcz, Izabela Pęza, Marii Novoseltseva


Mateusz Malinowski, Grzegorz Pawłowski. Nazar Vasko


Mateusz Malinowski, Karolina Sokólska, Grzegorz pawłowski, Nazar Vasko