about us

History and achievements

Fixafilm is the brainchild of three friends: Wojtek Janio, Łukasz Ceranka and Andrzej Łucjanek, who decided to bring their dreams and their passion for film to life.

They’re the reason why Fixafilm is one of the industry’s most valued companies in the Central and Eastern European market.

The crowning achievements of our work are the nominations, awards and distinctions we’ve won.

We’re exceptionally proud that our efforts are noted and appreciated both on the Polish market and internationally.

Fixafilm won the Polish Film Institute Prize in 2013 in the digital restoration category. And we’ve been nominated for it as many as four times. We’re delighted with our nomination for the Focal International Award 2018 for the best restoration for Moomins and the Winter Wonderland, which was shortlisted for an Oscar.

We’re also proud that our leaders, the founders of Fixafilm, are known on the international scene as outstanding specialists in restoration. This bears fruit in their numerous presentations during fairs and conferences, and publications in trade media (Arri Archive Workshop, Film Pro, Arri News).

Get to know our leaders

Wojtek Janio

The charismatic president of Fixafilm, a man with a great sense of humour and tremendous knowledge about digital restoration.

He’s supervised the restoration of more than 20 narrative features, and remastered 16 (including six from the 1920s and ‘30s), along with remastering more than 1,200 minutes of documentary film.

Today he oversees our work in the Americas.

Łukasz Ceranka

A jack of all trades, an international-caliber specialist in restoration, as attested by his numerous lectures and speeches at industry conferences and trade fairs.

He’s supervised the post-production process of more than 20 narrative films, including the Oscar-nominated Katyń directed by Andrzej Wajda – the first European film made entirely in 4K resolution. Łukasz’s CV includes almost 200 restorations.

At Fixafilm he runs the digital restoration department.

Andrzej Łucjanek

Energetic, diligent, and extremely meticulous in every project he takes on. He’s participated in the restoration of more than 100 films, including gems such as Jerzy Kawalerowicz’s Oscar-nominated Pharaoh.

Andrzej has won twice the Polish Film Institute award for digital restoration, and what’s more, he has seven (!) nominations. He’s a long-time lecturer at the National Film School in Łódź.

At Fixafilm Andrzej is responsible for the film post-production department and coordinates its European operations.

Fixafilm in numbers


  • 11 feature-length narrative films
  • 3 TV series
  • 5 short narrative films
  • including 12 assignments abroad
  • We provided DIT services in countries including Germany, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Bosnia & Hercegovina


  • 63 feature-length narrative films
  • 26 documentary films
  • 6 TV series
  • 4 animated films
  • including 23 foreign films


  • 18 feature-length narrative films
  • 11 short narrative films
  • 13 documentary films
  • 3 music videos
  • 1 animated film
  • including post-production of 17 foreign films


  • 7 feature-length narrative films
  • 5 short narrative films
  • 8 animated films
  • 101 documentary films
  • including 28 foreign films