Who Will Write Our History – a colour-correction challenge for Fixafilm


 Too complicated? Can’t be done? Not for Fixafilm’s experts! We had the honour of being part of the making of Who Will Write Our History, a dramatised documentary directed by Roberta Grossman. The entire venture was executive-produced by Nancy Spielberg, and the film is a Polish–US co-production, involving Katahdin Productions in America and Match&Spark in Poland.

We agreed to do some unusual and highly complex colour-correction for this film. Our experienced colourist, Gosia Grzyb, not only adjusted the film footage to imitate the palette of the original wartime source footage, but also digitally aged the contemporary footage. Additionally, our team restored various archive material and processed some interviews shot on green screen. Grossman’s film is based on Samuel Kassow’s book of the same title, which described the clandestine activities of the Oyneg Shabes organisation that documented the lives (and eventual extermination) of the Jewish community in the Warsaw Ghetto. Hundreds of thousands of letters, photographs, reports and recollections buried deep underground in metal boxes – such was the legacy they left behind in the hope that the world would not forget about them and the crimes that had been committed. The Oyneg Shabes Archive became one of the most valuable sources of information on the lives of the ghetto’s residents. Today, still only around two-thirds of the hidden documents have ever been found.

Now we can look back on those events, thanks to Grossman’s film which combines a fictionalised
adaptation of the book, interviews with historians, and archival film footage restored by Fixafilm. 


Penèlope, the fruit of Polish–Spanish cooperation


  Director Eva Vila's film Penèlope, a modern-day tale about a mother/son relationship, uses the trope of life as a journey. Like the mythical Odysseus, Ramón – the son of village dressmaker Carmen – returns to his home town after thirty years away.

The small dressmaker’s workshop seems to mirror the small community in which they live. Ramón fails to recognise his own mother at first, and looks at the world with detachment, feeling alienated. After his years of emigration, he no longer fits in with the community, while for Carmen, who has waited so many years for her son – like Penelope awaited Odysseus – the villagers are all close friends.

Eva Vila's film interweaves the ever-relevant themes of travel, expectations, escaping one’s roots, then going back to them.

Fixafilm’s team of experts had the pleasure of doing the postproduction, mastering, conforming, colour correction and special effects for Penèlope.