The Creature

The Creature

 Agnieszka just lost her mother. As a result, her life is thrown out of balance and she is forced to look at herself from a distance. Agnieszka remains a warm, loving mother of her daughters, Zosia and Emma, who are coping with their grandmother’s death in different ways. She is a school teacher plunged into doubt about the meaning of her work, and she is a wife to Ryszard, who despite his many efforts, has become a stranger to her. After her mother’s death, Agnieszka has to clean up and prepare her house for sale. The family takes part in a mystic journey that becomes a way for Agnieszka to find herself. The Creature is a film about middle-age crises. Despite the heavy theme, the story is told in an unusual way for Polish cinema – warmly.

Directed by

Ireneusz Grzyb, Aleksandra Gowin

Written by

Ireneusz Grzyb

Cinematography by

Jakub Burakiewicz

Produced by

Koi Studio, Studio Munka

Colour correction

Gosia Grzyb

DI supervisor

Łukasz Ceranka


2015 / 30"