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film fabularny

Reżyseria: Ronnie Sandahl
Zdjęcia: Ita Zbroniec-Zajt
Produkcja: Cinenic Film, Anagram, Hummelfilm

Korekcja barwna: Gosia Grzyb
Kierownik postprodukcji: Wojtek Janio

2014 / 90'

Sweden is more than idyllic red cottages and affordable furniture in flat packages. Today it is also a country with a youth unemployment so massive that hundreds of thousands of young Swedes see no other option than to move across the border, to Norway – in the hopes of finding work cleaning toilets, serving food and sweeping litter off the Oslo sidewalks.

”Underdog”, the debut feature film of writer/director Ronnie Sandahl, is an unexpected love story set against the backdrop of a new Scandinavian reality. 


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