film restoration

Stranded in Canton


Written, directed, shot by: Måns Månsson

Colour correction: Maciej Sankowski
DI supervisor: Małgorzata Grzyb

2014 / 77"

This film represents the hybrid genre of documentary film by combining the fictional main character and the real community, where the action unfolds without a scripted dialogue. The storyline evolves around a wannabe entrepreneur from Congo, who has taken the opportunity to go to China for making a deal hoping for large gains. The frustrations and challenges that he faces, broken agreements, responsibility for his family back home, and the growing debt build up a tension for his struggle to succeed. This film presents a new angle on the emerging relations brought on by globalization. Drawing an analogy with the Scandinavian East India traders in Canton centuries before, this film questions the shifts in the worldwide business landscape and their outcomes for the developing countries. 

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