film restoration

The first mobile DIT system in Poland.

Allows immediate control of the recorded material by the filmmakers.

Fixonset is a fully mobile and self-sufficient digital lab that fits into a flight case, allowing it to function under almost any circumstances. It can be used on sets as well as in specially equipped van.

This system comes packaged with a trained technician, transport, a push cart, and generator.

While on set, the unit can provide the following services:

  • transfers and duplication of recorded materials from the camera.
  • decoding and quality check of recorded materials.
  • color grading of materials before transcoding.
  • converting and exporting materials for editing.
  • prepping materials for editing, including synching on-set sound.
fix on set

Editing is a key component of every post production process.

We work with seasoned professionals, who bring years of experience and artistic talent to the table.

Our facilities are equipped in a wide range of solutions including, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere. Our editing studio houses a calibrated 47” monitor, allowing for seamless workflow with filmmakers and clients alike. The entire facility is connected to high-speed broadband internet (200/20 Mb/s) that allows for immediate transfer of media files, no matter the size.

Our editing studio is fully integrated with our color correction and SFX suites, allowing us to provide a completely streamlined post production process. Thanks to this optimized process, our project coordinators are able to make sure that projects are on point from start to finish. We work with a fleet of highly valued and experienced editors who specialize in commercials, feature films, and documentaries.

Special Effects

Almost every film and commercial today utilizes special effects and the online process.

Jacek Skrobisz, one of Poland’s leading special effects experts, whose vast body of work includes Lasting (Nieulotne, 2013), In the Name Of (W Imię…, 2013), Popiełuszko: Freedom Is Within Us (Popiełuszko: Wolność Jest W Nas, 2009), The Spring To Come (Przedwiośnie, 2001). Jacek has also overseen the post production of films such as Wałęsa: Man of Hope (Wałęsa, Człowiek Nadziei, 2013), Venice (Wenecja, 2010), Katyń (2007), Baby Blues (Bejbi Blues, 2012), Suicide Room (Sala Samobójców, 2011), and Chicks Are Just Different (Baby Są Jakieś Inne, 2011).

In addition to working with independent post production professionals, Fixafilm offers a fleet of in-house professionals that have various projects to their credit: Chicks Are Just Different (Baby Są Jakieś Inne, 2011), Katyń (2007), Kebab & Horoscope (2014), Little Crushes (Małe Stłuczki, 2014), Underdog (Svenskjävel, 2014), Yarden (2014), The Last Romantic Couple (2014), Miruna (2012), Test na sławę (2015).

In addition, we consult productions on the best post production and special effects

Color Correction

We offer a full range of color correction services for projects ranging from commercials and music videos, documentaries and shorts, to feature films and digital restorations.

From the very beginning, we have been working on the best equipment available to our industry (Nucoda with a Valhall panel and a Dolby PRM-4200 monitor). This top-of-the-line equipment enables us to take on the most demanding projects. Overseeing color grading is Gosia Grzyb, a colorist with a years of experience in commercials and film that also works with the film negative.

Noise/Grain Management

Noise/Grain Management

Thanks to proprietary knowledge and methods, and the best equipment in the world, we have turned around documentary and film footage that would normally not be fit for broadcast. Not limiting ourselves to simple noise management, we also offer a method of

Image stabilization, upscaling, and interlace removal

During the post production process, sometimes there is a need to combine footage of varying qualities.

Upscaling is an imperative part of seamlessly joining together footage from older formats (Betacam SP, DigiBeta, DV, VHS) with newer formats such as HD or 2K that represent today’s quality standards.

Our algorithms guarantee results of the highest possible quality, giving the filmmakers the ability and piece of mind to show there work wherever they wish. We specialize in image stabilization at all stages of post production. We are the only post production studio in Poland that has the experience and tools to stabilize every type of archival material in order to adhere them to today’s standards.

Mastering and Archiving

We offer the following solutions:

  • DCP 2K/4K/3D for digital theatrical exhibition
  • digital copies of DCDM (Digital Cinema Initiative Distribution Master)
  • HDCAM SR, HDCAM, DigiBeta
  • Blu-ray and DVD authoring
  • qquicktime files, MP4, MXF/DNxHD masters
  • Cinevator (printing straight to prints)

Our offer also includes archiving on LT05 and LT06 cassettes, giving material the longest life possible. This also pertains to full back-ups of materials and final copies of a project. The National Polish Film School in Łódź has trusted us in archiving over 16 hours of student films through this process.